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I don't usually write reviews online, but in this situation I cannot help myself. I was blown away by Mark's responsiveness and work ethic. I venture to say that Mark is faster, smarter, more efficient, and more detail-oriented than most any contractor. I was in a desperate situation (had to fire another contractor for unfortunate reasons and NEEDED our only tub replaced and bathroom tiled so my fiancé could use it to recover from surgery in a few days). Mark problem-solved quickly, told me to buy a new tub, and came over Friday at 5 after his regular work day to help me get the tub replaced in under 2 hours. After asking his wife first (classy), he offered to work over the weekend to get the job done. We worked side by side to knock out the bathroom in 2 very long days. Being a new home owner, I was jazzed to learn how to tile and Mark was an excellent leader and teacher. Honestly, I could go on and on. This guy is for real. He's professional, skilled, and efficient as all get out. I'm sure he isn't perfect, but I think you'd be very hard pressed to find a better skilled or more enjoyable contractor in the area.
Harry A
NE Portland
We hired Fine Finish (Mark) to design and build a 2-car attached garage with partially finished space overhead, including a small finished office. It's hard to list all the ways Mark and Travis went above and beyond during our garage addition project. First, they worked through some of the worst weather an Oregon winter has to offer. While most of Portland was crippled due to flooding, Mark and Travis were hauling shingles up a 2-story ladder and installing our roof. When they were planning the gutter installation, they noticed that our existing gutters were still full of oak leaves. So they cleaned the gutters. They were especially patient with our 18 month-old son, who affectionately referred to them as the ?guys? and took a keen interest in everything they did. Mark anticipated future design aspects that we hadn?t thought of like leaving space and wiring in the garage for a central HVAC system. He asked insightful questions about future plans to make sure our money was spent wisely, now and in the future. Even during the design phase, Mark was very transparent about different cost-saving options and associated tradeoffs. We expected that once the work started, we would mostly be dealing with subcontractors. To our surprise, only the foundation work, gutters, and garage door installation were sub-contracted. Mark and Travis did all of the framing and finish work themselves. As a result, the quality of our addition is noticeably superior to that of our original home. If you want someone to hire an army of people to throw your project together as quickly as possible, look elsewhere. If you want the attention to detail of a craftsman and an honest, no-nonsense interaction with someone who takes pride in his work and has your best interests at heart, talk to Mark. We?re glad we did and we?ll definitely be back in the future.
Stephen P
Scappoose, OR
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